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  1. 中国地理学会
  • 收稿日期:1985-01-01 出版日期:1986-03-20 发布日期:1986-03-20

Land-use Problem in China's Arid and Semi-arid Region

Qu Ningshu   

  1. The Geographical Society of China
  • Received:1985-01-01 Online:1986-03-20 Published:1986-03-20

摘要: 中国的干旱和半干旱区位于长城和昆仑山以北的中国西北部地区,包括整个新疆、内蒙古、宁夏北部、甘肃省西部(河西走廊)以及青海柴达木盆地,约占我国领土面积的三分之一。本区深居内陆,远距海洋,受海洋季风的影响微弱,因此气候干旱,光照、热量、水和土地资源在季节分布和空间分布上互不协调。除高山地区有较多降水外(天山和祁连山年降水量超过500mm,阿尔泰山年降水量400~500mm),就全区而论,年降水量从东南向内陆逐渐递减,由400mm降到20mm。

Abstract: The arid and semi-arid region of China is the less developed part of the country. The major problems that now confronting the region are:(1) shortage of fresh water is the restraint to its development, and the physicalenvironment is getting more arid;(2) its cultivated land is decreasing due to salinization as a result of irrational overflooding irrigation, and crop yield is unstable)(3) the foundation of animal husbandry, relying solely on natural grassland is very delicate;(4) contradication frequently happen between farming and grazing, particularly in the semi-farming and semi-grazing areas. For further development, an integrated developmental planning for the whole region is urgently needed, measures will have to be taken for the reorien-tation of land utilization, fodder base will have to be established for improving grazing foundation, and natural environment should to be put under proper protection.