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  1. 中国科学院兰州沙漠研究所
  • 出版日期:1982-06-20 发布日期:1982-06-20

The Degradation of Environment and the Way for Controlling after the Inappropriate Utilization of Water Resources in Arid Regions

Qu Yaoguang   

  • Online:1982-06-20 Published:1982-06-20

摘要: 我国西北干旱区土地、光、热资源极其丰富,解放后灌溉农业得到迅速发展。但水资源数量有限,如在开发利用过程中缺乏科学规划,缺乏合理控制和调节,一些地区的环境和资源将遭到破坏,直接影响工农业生产和人民生命财产的安全。因此深入研究干旱区水与环境、水与绿洲的稳定、环境恶化的控制途径等,不仅对本区当前经济发展、环境保护具有重要意义,而且还可为探索人类活动对环境的影响及合理利用自然资源提供依据,预测和支配较长远的影响,使人类"通过他所做出的改变来使自然界为自己的目的服务,来支配自然界"[1]

Abstract: The size and distribution of oases on pediment plains in the arid regions of Northwest China mainly depend upon the amount and distri bu t ion of external fresh water(surface or ground) resources. Inland drainage is an independant and complete water resource unit and ecosystem. Desertification and the destruction of resources in the lower river are mostly caused by the reduction of water source. Therefore, in the development of water resources in inland drainage,the following three aspects should be paid attention to:1. To make an integrated programme of watershed so as to distribute rationally water amount of upper or lower river and to carry out the principle of appropriate and reasonable utilization of water resources. 2. To demonstrate various aspects with regards to the nature when designing large or small scale water conservancy engineering projects, the small scale ones having a characteristic feature of great amount and wide distribution. 3. To make a deep research on the stable payment of the resources in arid regions and the capacity of holding population so as to control the population within a possible permission range.