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  1. 西北师院
  • 出版日期:1985-09-20 发布日期:1985-09-20

The Evapotranspiration and Irrigation Value of the Arid and Semi-Arid Area in Gansu

Chen Zhongquan   

  1. Geography Department, Northwesatern Teachers' College
  • Online:1985-09-20 Published:1985-09-20

摘要: 本文提出并验算了在甘肃干旱、半干旱地区,用拜伦公式和Em=4.8t公式计算蒸散的实用性,提出通过蒸散计算灌溉定额的公式和绿洲灌溉定额分配模式:估计了现状灌溉定额的亏损值,对制定合理灌溉定额,充分开发利用水资源有重要意义。

Abstract: In this paper, auther has provided and examined the applicability for use of the formulas of Bailey and E=4.8t in Gansu, has projected the formulas estimate irrigation value through evapotranspiration and the distribution madel of the oasis irrigation value, has estimated the loss of present irrigation value. It is important to develop radiational irrigation value and exploit utilization of water resource.