中国沙漠 ›› 1987, Vol. 7 ›› Issue (4): 34-41.

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  1. 新疆大学地理系
  • 出版日期:1987-12-20 发布日期:1987-12-20

Environmental Evalution of Holocene Epoch and Its Exploitation in Several Areas of XinJiang

Han Shuti   

  1. Geography Department of XinJiang University
  • Online:1987-12-20 Published:1987-12-20

摘要: 新疆若干地区全新世环境演变经历了早期凉、中期温暖湿润、晚期干冷偏旱的演变过程。而每阶段又各有不同时间尺度的小气候波动。新疆全新世气候变迁过程与全球气候波动规律基本一致,但具有明显的地区性特征。早全新世的现代构造运动深刻地影响着新疆内的自然环境的演变。中全新世以温暖湿润的气候为主要特色,晚全新世是干旱迅速发展时期,也是整个新疆全新世发展史上极为重要的一页。对新疆若干平原、山麓及山区不同时期各种沉积相的研究表明;整个全新世虽存在着干旱与湿润、冰期与间冰期的变化,但总的趋势向着更为干旱的方向发展。这些结果为未来气候预测和生产投资提供了重要的信息。

Abstract: Environmental Evolution of Holocene Epoch in several areas of Xinjiang passed through three evolutional processes,namely dry cool weather in early stage,warm humid weather in middle stage and dry cold weather in late stage,but each stage had little climatic fluctuations of different time-scales.The climatic vicissitudes of Xinjiang basically accorded with the global weather fluctuation regularities,but they had evident regional characteristics.The modern tectonic movement of Early Holocene Epoch profoundly affected the physical evironmental vicissitudes of Xinjiang, The mid-Holocene was characterized by warm-humid weather,while the late Holocene was the rapid developmental period of arid land,being the most important period in the Holocene development history of whole Xin Jiang, studies on various depositional phases of different periods in several plains,foothills and mountainous areas of Xinjiang showed that the whole Holocence existed several dry and humid as well as glacial and interglacial stages,however the general tendency tended to become drier and drier.These results provide an important information for predicting future climate and production investments.