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  1. 中国科学院兰州沙漠研究所
  • 出版日期:1989-09-20 发布日期:1989-09-20

Characteristics of Soil Texture and Blownsand Phenomena in Beijing Poain Region

Zhang Jixian   

  1. Institute of Desert Research of Aeademia Sinica, Lanzhou
  • Online:1989-09-20 Published:1989-09-20

摘要: 本文是在实地调查研究及采集大量样品分析的基础上, 对北京平原区地表质地进行对比分析, 结果是: 延庆盆地地表以含石砾为特点; 北京平原区的广大河间冲积, 淤积区以粉壤质为主, 沙土主要分布在温榆河、潮白河及永定河流域, 以永定河流域占面积最大且比较集中; 风沙化土地的分布地域, 基本和沙土的分布地域一致, 只是由于沙质地表为主的地区, 因风沙长期作用及不合理的开垦利用, 加强了风沙活动强度, 地表细粒物质进一步被吹失, 地表相应粗化。

Abstract: From field investigation and comparative analysis of topsoil texture in beijing plain region it will be that the ground surface in yanqing basin is charaterized by gravel, while the alluvial inter-fluves in Beijing plain is predominated by silty loam. As for the sandy soils they mainly distributed in the wenyu, Chaobai and Yong ding River basins, with the last one taking up largest area. The distribution region of bliwnsand land is generally consistent with that of sandy soils, however, their finer particles are being blown away owing to long-term of wind erosion and irrational cultivation activities. All of these factors made the surface material coarser and coarser.