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  1. 内蒙哲里木盟文化处
  • 出版日期:1989-12-20 发布日期:1989-12-20

The Changes of the Horpin Sandy land Before the North Wei Dynasty(Before 534 A·D·)

Zhang Bai zhong   

  1. Culture Section of Zhelimu League, Iennr Mongolia, China
  • Online:1989-12-20 Published:1989-12-20

摘要: 根据考古发掘文物和史籍记裁, 对科尔沁沙地北魏(公元534年前)以前的变迁进行探讨。科尔沁沙地人类活动始于8-9千年前新石器时代早期, 当时农牧业规模小, 构不成对环境影响。后经红山文化、夏家店文化, 自然景观仍属疏林草原和森林草原相同, 进入夏家店上层文化期, 才在一些河流沿岸和个别地区呈带状或块状流沙分布。战国时期得到恢复。魏晋及其以后一段时间里, 又出观过一次沙漠化过程, 史书第一次记载了科尔沁沙地的流沙出现。主要分布在西拉木伦河下游以南、老哈河沿岸和西辽河局部地带。总体上, 还处于疏林草原的景观。

Abstract: According to the archaeological studies about Excavated historical relics and the records in historical literature, this paper deals with the environmental changes about the Horqin sandy land before the North Wei Dynasty(i.e 534 A.D.) The activities of humen beings in the Horqin sandv land was started in 80CC-9000vr. B.p.i.e. the earlv stage of the Neolithic Age, when the scale of agriculture and animal husbandry activities were not so extensive that they could interven the processes of the natural environment. Even in the Hongshan Culture Age and earlier astage of the Xiajiadian Culture Age it was still the natural lanseape which was steppe with sparse woods alternated with forest-steppe. It was untill the upper stratum of the Xiajiadian Culture Age, some strip-spots-distributed drifting sands and duns were not seen along some river adjacent bank area. 1 he rehabilitation situation occured during the Zhou Dynasty(403-221 B.C.). The desertification was developed again for a period after the Wei and Iin Dynsty(about 220-439 A.D.), and was first recorded in historical literature. The desert-fied lands in that period were distributed mainly in the south part of the lower reaches of the Xilamulun River, the adjacent areas along the bank of Lao-hahe River and parts of the Xiliao River catchment. It was the landscape mainly of steppe with sparse woods.