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  1. 内蒙古林学院治沙系
  • 出版日期:1990-09-20 发布日期:1990-09-20

Aeolian Landform Development and Control Methods of Sand Hazards in the Northwestern Part of the Jartai Salt Lake Region

Ma Shiwei   

  1. Dept. of Desert Control, Inner Mongolia Forestry College
  • Online:1990-09-20 Published:1990-09-20

摘要: 1986年和1987年调查了吉兰泰盐湖西北部30余平方公里地貌类型及变化规律。特别对吉兰泰地区16平方公里的封育区的风信状况、风沙地貌的类型特征和分布变化,沙丘形成演变,移动状况,流沙对盐湖危害进行分析研究。并提出治理措施——旨在从风沙运动角度探讨风沙地貌形态发育的内在实质,以期为流沙治理措施的确定提供依据。

Abstract: The research project "Studies on the Comprehensive Control Techniques of Sand Hazards in The Jartai Salt Lake Region" ,Which has passed examinatin and appraisal of the research circles in China, is one of the typical models benefiting social ecomomy and promoting teaching, researching and production.Having investigated the land form types and their changing laws of the sandy land of more than 30 km2 in the NW part of Jartai Salt Lake region during the period of 1986-1987,the author now collects the region's sand-wind data as a basic starting point to carry out analyses of land form types and distribution patterns, dunes formation, movement conditions, and sand hazards to the salt lake, wind regime of a 16 km2 fenced area adjacent the lake, with anaim to point out the area's control measures based on the analyses of sand flow movement in reltion to the aeolian landform, thus providing theoretical basis for the shifting sand control.