中国沙漠 ›› 1991, Vol. 11 ›› Issue (1): 50-58.

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李进, 张秀伏   

  1. 中国科学院兰州沙漠研究所
  • 出版日期:1991-03-20 发布日期:1991-03-20

A Preliminary Study on the Characteristics of Artemisia halodendron

Li Jin, Zhang Xiufu   

  1. Institute of Desert Research, Academia Sinica, Lanzhou
  • Online:1991-03-20 Published:1991-03-20

摘要: 对差不嘎蒿(Artemisia halodendron)的叶片解剖结构、生物学和生态学特性的初步研究表明: 差不嘎蒿是一种叶肉质化的旱生植物。生长期长(4月底或5月初至9月上旬), 地上部分的生长分为生殖枝、上部营养枝和基部营养枝生长。根系非常发达, 以水平根系为主, 根系多分布于20-60cm土层内。它通过发达的根系吸收水分和保水力较强的叶片保持水分的能力抗旱来抵抗干旱的胁迫, 通过强大的根系来抵抗风蚀和萌发不定根来适应沙埋的环境, 是一种优良的先锋固沙植物。

关键词: 差不嘎蒿, 叶解剖特征, 生物学特性, 抗旱性, 适沙性

Abstract: In this paper, the characteristics of leaf anatomic structure, biology, ecology of Artemisia halodendron have been discussed. The results show that: Artemisia halodendron is a succulentized xerophyte. Its growth period is long from the end of April or the beginning of May to the beginning of September. The growth of above-ground part is divided into three parts: the growth of reproductive branch,uper trophic branch and basal trophic branch. The root-system of Artemisia halodendron is strongly developed and most of them are horizonal roots which occur within a depth of 20-60cm. It can resist drought strees by its developed root -system which absorbs water from sandy soil and its leaves with high water holding capacity. It can resist wind erosion by its developed root-system and adapts itself to the sand bury by its branch rooting. It is a excellent pioneer plant for fixing dunes.