中国沙漠 ›› 1993, Vol. 13 ›› Issue (2): 1-8.

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  1. 中国科学院兰州沙漠研究所
  • 出版日期:1993-05-20 发布日期:1993-05-20

The Mathematical-Physical Analysis on Particle Movements

Liu Xianwan   

  1. Institute of Desert Research, Aeademia Sinica, Lanzhou
  • Online:1993-05-20 Published:1993-05-20

摘要: 根据大量的野外观测和沙(雪)颗粒运动动态摄影的资料,分析地球表面上气流带动的各种固体颗粒的主要运动形式——振动、滚动、滑移、跃移和悬移的物理图象中力的作用,给出其主要运动参数的表达式,建立各自简单的数学模型。特别对跃移运动还给出模拟轨迹方程。该模型与实际拍摄的轨迹相对比表明,较之以前风沙物理研究者模拟的跃移轨迹要好。文中首次提出的滑移概念,即振动、滚动和滑移三种颗粒运动形式代替以往分类的蠕移、跃移和悬移运动形式更准确和清晰。文中还明确回答了第一颗砂粒是怎样起跳的这一关键问题。

关键词: 颗粒运动, 动态摄影, 滑移, 模拟轨迹

Abstract: On the basis of a great number of field measurements and dynamical photographies of moving sand (snow) particles, this paper described the major motion patterns of various kinds of solid particles transported by air current over ground surface images of vibration, rolling slippage, saltation and suspension. Through mechanical analysis, an expression of major motion parameters was given and established simple mathematical models respectively. In addition, a simulated orbit equation for saltation was derived. As compared with the actually photographied orbit the model is better than the saltation orbit simulated by former researchers. This paper first used the slippage movement concept, namely the particle movement patterns of vibration, rolling and slippage to replace the traditional classification:creep, saltation and suspension. Finally, the paper answered how the first particle begins to bound.