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马学喜1,2, 李生宇1, 何志辉1, 王海峰1, 冯筱1,2, 武新成3   

  1. 1. 中国科学院新疆生态与地理研究所, 新疆 乌鲁木齐 830011;
    2. 中国科学院大学, 北京 100049;
    3. 新疆生产建设兵团公路科学技术研究所, 新疆 乌鲁木齐 830002
  • 收稿日期:2015-01-22 修回日期:2015-04-28 出版日期:2016-07-20 发布日期:2016-07-20
  • 通讯作者: 李生宇
  • 作者简介:马学喜(1987-),男,甘肃环县人,硕士研究生,主要研究风沙灾害治理与荒漠化防治
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Comparison of the Sand-blocking Effects of HDPE Windbreaks

Ma Xuexi1,2, Li Shengyu1, He Zhihui1, Wang Haifeng1, Feng Xiao1,2, Wu Xincheng3   

  1. 1. Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Urumqi 830011, China;
    2. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China;
    3. Institute of Highway Science and Technology, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Urumqi 830002, China
  • Received:2015-01-22 Revised:2015-04-28 Online:2016-07-20 Published:2016-07-20

摘要: 设计了高120cm的4种结构HDPE阻沙网:均匀结构阻沙网(a)、大条带上疏下密式阻沙网(b,60cm宽条带)、小条带疏密相间式阻沙网(c,20或10cm宽条带)和中条带上密下疏式阻沙网(d,40cm宽条带),布设在塔克拉玛干沙漠腹地的垄间平地。阻沙试验结果表明:(1)4种结构阻沙网积沙纵断面的蚀积形态均呈单峰,但积沙宽度和高度不同,3种非均匀结构的阻沙网积沙高度均高于均匀结构阻沙网,积沙高度c> b> d> a。(2)4种结构阻沙网积沙量c> a> b> d,积沙量均集中在下风侧分布,但b和c阻沙网积沙在上风侧的积沙量高于a和d阻沙网。(3)不同结构阻沙网积沙量及其空间分布差异主要与阻沙网结构的特殊风场结构有关。

关键词: 积沙形态, 积沙量, 高立式阻沙网, 阻沙效果

Abstract: In this study, four types of sand-resistance nets with a height of 120cm were designed according to structure of the windbreaks characterized by an uniform porosity (a), 60cm-wide nets with a upper sparse and lower dense porosity (b), 10/20cm-wide nets with a interactive porosity (c), and 40cm-wide nets (d). The above mentioned nets was placed over some inter-dune corridor of central Taklimakan Desert. The results showed that: (1) These erosion and accumulation shapes of the deposited sand section presented in unimodal form, but their width and height were various; moreover, the height of all the three types of sand-blocking net with the non-uniform porosity was bigger than that of the sand-blocking net with the uniform porosity, and the order was c> b> d> a. (2) The mass of deposited sand was c> a> b> d, and mainly focused on the leeward. However, b and c is more than that of a and d for the mass of deposited sand on the windward side. (3) The deposited sand mass of different types of windbreaks and their spatial distribution discrepancy closely related with the structures of the sand blocking net and special wind field.

Key words: morphological feature of sand deposition, deposited sand mass, high vertical sand barrier, sand blocking effects