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中国沙漠  1983, Vol. 3 Issue (4): 11-21    
The Historical Changes of the Land Areas in South Edge of Mu Us Sandy Land
Wang Beichen
Department of Geography, Beijing University
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摘要: 据《史记》周本纪、秦本纪、匈奴列传及《汉书》匈奴传等记载, 西周初年(约当公元前11世纪), 武王乘推翻殷王朝之势, 驱逐严允(即匈奴)于泾渭之北, 可知当时泾、渭以北都是玁狁的活动区。严允是游牧民族, 从而可以想见今之陕北及鄂尔多斯在三千多年前乃是严允族的游牧地区而不是周人的农耕地区。
Abstract: The shifting sands at the south edge of Mu Us Sandy Land had been occurred long time ago and were developed centuries by centuries.In accordance with the historical documents, a "Sand Fortress" had been appeared in the area between Linzhou(now Linwu, Ningxia) and Xiazhou(now Baichen zi, Inner Mongolia) in 6th Century(Northern Wei-386-534 A.D). The area in north of Henshan(now Baiyu Mt. Range) had been developed and turned into sand sea in 11th Century(Northern Song Dynasty-960-1127 A.D) and its landscape developed slightly, i.e.present landscape is semilar to that in Northern Song Dynasty. Ordos Plateau had been grazed nomadically before Christ.The Great Wall had been constructed in 272 B.C(Qin Dynasty) at the northern foot of Qiaoshan Mt.(now Baiyu Mt.) had been used as the demarcation line for nomadic grazing and agricultural practices during that times.In the 1st Century B.C, three towns had been respectively established outside the Great Wall in Han Dynasty at the sites of today's Dabchiak, Baichenzi and Jingbian. Furthermore, a town had been established at the site of today's Ulan Balcasu in Tang Dynasty and all of these towns had been prolonged for centuries up to now without any reconstruction of new cities or abandonment of ancient towns. The reserved parts of the Great Wall in the region had been constructed in 15th Century(Ming Dynasty-1368-1644 A.D) and the land areas outside the Great Wall had been recultivated in Early Qing Dynasty(in 18th Century). From that time, some lakes along the Great Wall had dried up and disappeared entirely afterwards.
收稿日期: 1983-09-01
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王北辰. 毛烏素沙地南沿的历史演化[J]. 中国沙漠, 1983, 3(4): 11-21.

Wang Beichen. The Historical Changes of the Land Areas in South Edge of Mu Us Sandy Land. JOURNAL OF DESERT RESEARCH, 1983, 3(4): 11-21.


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