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  1. 吉林白城地区农科所
  • 出版日期:1985-09-20 发布日期:1985-09-20

The Change of Land Use in Desertification-Prone Areas in Western Jilin Province——Case study, Sijinzi commune, Tuenyu county

Liu Yukun   

  1. Section of farming science, Baicheng prefecture, Jilin Province
  • Online:1985-09-20 Published:1985-09-20

摘要: 四井子乡因地制宜,调整农、林、牧用地,由70年代的4:1:5调至1984年的1.5:2.5:6.森林覆盖率由6.8%提高到16.3%,从而改善了生态环境,255个沙丘基本固定.农田防护林营造后,风蚀再未形成灾害;封山育草、人工育草的措施有效地保护了草场,每头大牲畜饲草占有量由整前的3700斤增加到6000斤,粮豆耕种面积虽减少了58.33%,但因提高了单产量,总产却增加了1.4%.该乡农民由单纯种植粮食转为多种经营,人均年收入由177元提高到500元.全乡农业自然资源优势逐步向产品优势、商品优势和经济优势转变,出现了林茂、畜旺、粮丰的景象.

Abstract: The ecological environment has been greatly improved in Sijinzi rural area where plant coyer has increased from 6.8 percent to 16.3. percent. Two hundred and fifty-five sand, dupes.have been fixed by applying able measures to local conditions and adjusting proportions of farm, forestfy and grazing land which increased from 4:1:5in 1970 to 1.5:2.5:6 in 1984. Damage by wind erosion never occured after establishment of shelterbelts toproteet farmland. The pastlirehas been effectively protected by taking measures to close hillsides to facilitate artificial grass establishment. The forage grass for one livestock (eg. horses, cattle, mules and-don-keys) was raised from 1.850kg. to 3, 000kg.. Although cultivated land for crop production was reduced by 58.3 percent, the total products were increased by 1.4 percent because of an increase in per unit area yield. Peasants or farmers in this rural area have turned their pure farming into a diversified economy. Annual income per person has increased from 177 to 500 Yuan. The abundance of natural resources are gradaally chatrging into useable products resuttiug in a superio-economy, A view of woody laad, bumper harvest and flourishing livestock was realized because of rational adjustment in farming, forestry and animal husbandry.