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  1. 内蒙古哲里木盟文化处
  • 出版日期:1991-03-20 发布日期:1991-03-20

Vicissitudes of Korqin Sandy Land from Northetn Wei to Jing Dynasties

Zhang Baizhong   

  1. Cultural Office of Jirem Legue, Inner Mongolia
  • Online:1991-03-20 Published:1991-03-20

摘要: 根据史籍记载和考古材料探讨北魏至金代科尔沁沙地变迁。认为北魏至辽代(公元386-1125年)还保持草原景观。辽代晚期由于农垦科尔沁沙地沙漠化面积日益增大。金代(公元1115-1234年)是历史上沙漠化最严重时期。

关键词: 北魏至金代, 科尔沁沙地, 沙漠化

Abstract: Based on the historical records and archaological data this-paper apptoached the vicissitudes of Korqin Sandy Land from Northern Wei to Jin Dynasties. It is genrally accepted that the sandy land still remained steppe landscape from Northen wei to Liao Dynasty(A.D.386-1125). As late as Liao Dynasty the area of desertified land gradually in increased due to agricultural reclamation. The Jin Dynasty(A.D.115-234) is the most rapidly developed period of desertification of this sandy land.