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杨迎(), 吕萍(), 马芳, 梁准, 许明静   

  1. 陕西师范大学 地理科学与旅游学院,陕西 西安 710119
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Characteristics of wind regime in the southwest edge of the Ulan Buh Desert and their influence on the formation of dome dune

Ying Yang(), Lü Ping(), Fang Ma, Zhun Liang, Mingjing Xu   

  1. School of Geography and Tourism,Shaanxi Normal University,Xi’an 710119,China
  • Received:2020-10-09 Revised:2020-11-11 Online:2021-03-20 Published:2021-03-26
  • Contact: Lü Ping


风是塑造沙丘形态的主要动力,目前对穹状沙丘的形成动力学过程尚不清楚。为探讨风况对穹状沙丘形成和演化的影响,以乌兰布和沙漠西南部穹状沙丘为例,利用吉兰泰气象站风速风向数据和Google Earth影像测量沙丘形态参数,分析风况对穹状沙丘形成的影响。结果表明:(1)乌兰布和沙漠西南部主风向为西北风,次风向为西南风和东北风,3组方向起沙风频率相当。年输沙势为172.90 VU,RDP/DP为0.39,属于低风能环境,中变率风况。(2)乌兰布和沙漠穹状沙丘长短轴之比为1.31∶1,呈椭圆形,沙丘平均走向为110.66°,与当地盛行风向大致平行,接近于合成输沙方向,盛行风向对沙丘走向有着显著影响。(3)乌兰布和沙漠西南部穹状沙丘发育在低风能、多风况条件下,春季的西北风与夏季的东北风和秋冬两季的西南风3组不同方向且强度相当的风共同作用,抑制了沙丘的滑面形成,沙丘演化过程受阻,从而使得沙丘形态长期保持稳定。

关键词: 穹状沙丘, 形态, 风况, 输沙势, 乌兰布和沙漠


Wind is the main dynamic factor in shaping dune morphology. The kinetics in the formation of dome dune is unclear. In this paper, taking the dome dune in the southwest edge of the Ulan Buh Desert as an example, we used wind regime of the Jartai weather station and Google Earth satellite images to measure morphological parameters of dome dunes to further analyze the influence of wind regime on the formation of dome dune. The results showed that: (1) The wind speed in the southwest edge of the Ulan Buh Desert is relatively stable and the wind direction is uniform and variable, while the prevailing wind direction is northwest wind and secondary prevailing wind direction is southwest wind and northeast. The sand drift potential is 172.90 VU and RDP/DP is 0.39, which is belonging to low wind energy environment and high wind direction variability. (2) The ration of the wind long and short axes of dome dunes in the study area is 1.31∶1, which is elliptic, and the average trend of dome dunes is 110.66°, almost paralleling to the prevailing wind direction and closing to the resultant drift direction. The prevailing wind direction has a significant influence on the trend of dome dune. (3) The dome dune in the southwest edge of the Ulan Buh Desert develops under the condition of low wind energy and more windy directions. The northwest wind in spring, northeast wind in summer and southwest wind in summer and winter act together with three groups of winds with different directions and same strength, which inhibits the formation of sliding surface and frustrates the evolution of the dune, so that the morphology of the dune remains stable for a long time.

Key words: dome dune, morphology, wind regime, drift potential, Ulan Buh Desert