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张婕1, 刘龙涛2, 王刚1   

  1. 1. 兰州大学 生命科学学院/草地农业生态系统国家重点实验室, 甘肃 兰州 730020;
    2. 黄河水利委员会 黑河流域管理局, 甘肃 兰州 730030
  • 收稿日期:2017-08-01 修回日期:2017-09-08 出版日期:2018-05-20 发布日期:2018-11-06
  • 通讯作者: 王刚(
  • 作者简介:张婕(1979-),女,四川巴中人,博士研究生,研究方向为生态学。
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Simulations and Calculations of Canal Seepage between Zhengyixia Valley and Langxin Mountain of Heihe River

Zhang Jie1, Liu Longtao2, Wang Gang1   

  1. 1. College of Life Sciences/State Key Laboratory of Grassland and Agro-ecosystem, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730020, China;
    2. Heihe Basin Administrative Office of the Yellow River Water Conservancy Committee, Lanzhou 730030, China
  • Received:2017-08-01 Revised:2017-09-08 Online:2018-05-20 Published:2018-11-06

摘要: 综合考虑来水条件和渗漏容量,利用平均水面宽度与渗漏率的乘积求得单位长度渗漏量,采用水面宽度的变化表征渗漏面随水流起伏变化,建立了黑河正义峡-狼心山段河道渗漏模型,模拟了2005-2013年河段渗漏量变化;并以此建立了河道前期过水和未过水条件下正义峡流量和正义峡-狼心山段渗漏量之间的关系。结果表明:(1)强烈渗漏条件下天然河道水流演进模型对正义峡-狼心山段渗漏模拟效果较好,总体误差小于5%;(2)模型模拟的2005-2013年年均渗漏量为2.69×108 m3,与以水量平衡计算的年均2.84×108 m3大致相当,绝对误差为0.15×108 m3,表明模型模拟的结果较好;(3)正义峡流量和正义峡-狼心山段河道渗漏量呈显著的指数关系,实际调度工作中,可利用该模型计算渗漏量并预测下游的来水过程。

关键词: 河道渗漏, 水流演进模型, 水量平衡, 黑河

Abstract: The paper studies the canal seepage between Zhengyixia Valley and Langxin Mountain of Heihe River. Synthetically water supply conditions and seepage capacity were concerned and a natural channel flow evolution model was established under the strong seepage condition by using the average water surface breadth and product of leakage rate calculated the seepage amount per unit length, and with the change of water surface breadth reflect the seepage surface along with the change of the water fluctuation. The results show that:(1) model reflected the real situation well and its errors did not go beyond 5%. (2) Through the model and the parameters, daily seepage were calculated by using the method of classification summary working out seepage of 2005 to 2013, we found that the leakage of the model simulation is basically consistent with the calculation by using the water balance method,for instance, the multi-yaer mean leakage of the model simulation was 2.69×108 m3 and the calculation by using the water balance method was 2.84×108 m3, absolute error was only 0.15×108 m3, (3) Based on the measured flow and the calculation of the leakage loss, a exponential model was established to model the relationship between the flow rate and the leakage of the Zhengyixia Vallye under the conditions of before over water and without water. We can use the mode analyze the possible leakage and prediction of downstream runoff process in the actual water diversion work.

Key words: canal seepage, stream routing model, water balance, Heihe River