中国沙漠 ›› 1991, Vol. 11 ›› Issue (1): 30-35.

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孙雪新, 康向阳   

  1. 甘肃农业大学林学系
  • 出版日期:1991-03-20 发布日期:1991-03-20

A Study on Genetic Varition of Peroxidase Isoenxyme in Natural Population of Populus Divisifolied Schenk

Sun Xuexin, Kang Xiangyang   

  1. Forestry Department of Gansu Agricultural University
  • Online:1991-03-20 Published:1991-03-20

摘要: 通过对胡杨(Populus diversifolia schenk)天然群体过氧化物酶同工酶的分析, 将群体中94个异龄个体区分为4个谱型各异的无性系, 其中雌、雄性无性系在Px-C区存在着规律性的差异, 雌性比雄性具有较多的谱带。同时还分析了群体的交配和更新问题, 推断Ⅰ型为Ⅲ型与Ⅳ型的杂种后代, 该林分更新状况极差。

关键词: 胡杨, 过氧化物酶, 同工酶, 遗传

Abstract: Through analysing on the petoxidase isoenzyme patterns in a natural population of populus diversifolia Schenk, 94 uneven-aged individual plants were distinguished into 4 dones. There are more bands in the P.-C plants of femate dones than male ones. It is deduced that the plants of Ⅰ-type done might be the fillial generation of Ⅲ-type and Ⅳ-type ones. The vestigation result shone that the regeneration of the population has stopped.