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杨璐1(), 刘鑫1, 赵昌成1, 康巧珍1, 鲁吉珂1, 赵鹏善2()   

  1. 1.郑州大学 生命科学学院,河南 郑州 450001
    2.中国科学院西北生态环境资源研究院 寒区旱区逆境生理与生态重点实验室,甘肃 兰州 730000
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  • 通讯作者: 赵鹏善
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Progress on the structural and physicochemical properties of sand riceAgriophyllum squarrosumstarch

Lu Yang1(), Xin Liu1, Changcheng Zhao1, Qiaozhen Kang1, Jike Lu1, Pengshan Zhao2()   

  1. 1.School of Life Sciences,Zhengzhou University,Zhengzhou 450001,China
    2.Key Laboratory of Stress Physiology and Ecology in Cold and Arid Regions,Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Lanzhou 730000,China
  • Received:2022-03-24 Revised:2022-05-30 Online:2023-01-20 Published:2023-01-17
  • Contact: Pengshan Zhao


苋科藜亚科植物沙蓬(Agriophyllum squarrosum)是一种未来作物。沙蓬种子俗称沙米,含有丰富的蛋白质、必需氨基酸、不饱和脂肪酸等营养物质。淀粉占沙米粒重的43.85%以上。沙米淀粉颗粒为球形,表面光滑,平均粒径约1 μm,晶体结构为A型。沙米原生淀粉糊化黏度和糊化焓较高,热稳定性较好。湿热和超声处理后的沙米淀粉颗粒变粗糙,仍能保持A型晶型,糊化温度变高,热焓值降低,慢消化淀粉及抗性淀粉含量增加。沙米淀粉的结构和理化特性、功能属性及改性后的变化特征是沙米在食品及其他行业中综合开发利用的理论依据。

关键词: 沙米淀粉, 结构, 理化特性, 改性处理


Agriophyllum squarrosum is a future crop belonging to Chenopodioideae Amaranthaceae. The seeds of A. squarrosum, also known as sand rice, contain rich nutrients, including protein, essential amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids. Starch accounts for more than 43.85% of the weight of sand rice, and the starch granule is spherical and smooth, with an average diameter of 1 μm and an A-type crystal structure. The native sand rice starch has high pasting viscosity and gelatinization enthalpy, and good thermal stability. The granules of sand rice starch become coarser after heat-moisture and/or ultrasonic treatments, but still maintain the A-type crystal pattern. Accordingly, the pasting temperatures of the modified sand rice starches are increased, the gelatinization enthalpy values decreased, and the contents of slowly digestible starch and resistant starch increased. This manuscript briefly summarized the structural and physicochemical characteristics and functional properties of the native sand rice starch, as well as its property changes with different processing methods, and provided a theoretical basis for the comprehensive development and utilization of sand rice in food and other industries.

Key words: Agriophyllum squarrosum starch, structure, physicochemical properties, modified treatment